Site Assessment

The Site Assessment is a cost effective way to identify the best marina development plan or operating scenario for a specific property. A Site Assessment provides the necessary independent assessment of a new marina and existing marina, a redevelopment plan, or an acquisition. Just to be clear, a Site Assessment is not a full Feasibility Study or Market Analysis, but rather a broad look at the fundamentals affecting the project. Argiros company physically inspects the marina and interviews key staff to garner concepts and potential opportunities for the property. Argiros company will present the research and analysis in a detailed proposal within two weeks from the date of the site visit. The proposal will be the guidebook that identifies and lays out the best strategy to maximize a particular site. The Site Assessment is naturally the first stage in any consulting relationship with Argiros.

Site Assessments can review:1. Existing Operations2. Acquisition or Disposition

3. Development or Redevelopment Potential

4. General Market Conditions

5. Economic Analysis

6. Staffing Levels

7. Design and Layout

8. Specific areas of concern of the client

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