Project Management & Maritime consulting

Argiros firm provides quality consulting services to the vessel, marine/port, shipyard and offshore sectors.

Consulting services include:

  • Inspections
  • Planning/development
  • Bussiness & financial development
  • Project Management
  • Enviromental studies

Argiros Project Management team provides a wide range of service.

From assigning an individual specialist, to developing and managing complex shipbuilding, conversion and repair projects; the company offers a unique engineering and commercial package tailored to suit each individual project and customer.

Depending on the requirements of each customer, we can offer supervision teams comprised of expatriates or a team whose main body consists of local engineers, overseen by an expatriate Site Manager. Where necessary, we will provide refined procedures, which have been developed through years of building and operational experience.

These methods are more stringent than the procedures usually implemented by the shipyards and accepted by Classification Societies and allow us to achieve a higher standard of quality.

Our Project Manager will be stationed in the region for the duration of the contract. This allow us to manage the project in the sure knowledge that full support is available for a quick and dedicated response to the projects needs, providing a single line of responsibility.

The Project Manager will be responsible for overseeing the Project’s development and progress, managing the supervision team and ensuring that the work in progress is reported regularly to our offices and the Client.

Argiros Project Management team will prepare all the documentation for registration, oversee the insurance of the ship’s statutory certification and organize any shipboard inspections required before departure.

Our Project Manager will co-ordinate the crew arrival onboard along with the initial storing for sea. Argiros Project Management team will, if required, assist or implement a complete planned maintenance system.