Market Feasibility Study

Future trends expected in the marina industry that could affect the final design and characteristics of the marina must be into consideration when planning for business growth. Therefore, conducting a Market Feasibility Study is an important and necessary phase in identifying the overall viability of a proposed marina development, redevelopment or acquisition. Like any thorough business plan, existing demand needs to be determined to help forecast a future business client for a specific marina. The market study determines how the existing market conditions will shape the overall layout and financial performance of the proposed project. Research in the study identifies the target boater, occupancy forecast, rental or conversion rates, amenities demanded and the current marina and boater market factors affecting the project.

Economic Feasibility

Argiros company has fostered a robust reputation on the ability to forecast precisely the fiscal accomplishment of a proposed or existing marina. Our strategies for site specific successful profit planning are based on 10 years of operating and consulting experience in the marina industry. The power behind the Financial Modeling is a comprehensive supposition and building block arrangement, which allows the model to execute a range of different design and operating scenarios. The economic model will provide an accurate reflection of the forecasted net operating income before depreciation and debt service.

Our 5-year forecast will reflect the opening performance of the marina including realistic expenses anticipated staffing levels, occupancy ramp-up, and seasonal fluctuations. The Argiros company report will make recommendations for staffing levels, reserves for repairs and maintenance, capital improvement budgeting, and overall management issues as they relate to the marina operations. The report will provide the client with a cost benefit analysis of each recommended profit centre to project accurately the financial success of the marina.

Conceptual design

Argiros company approaches the design of a marina from a marina operator and a marina customer’s perspective. This is a perspective which is often left out of the planning and design stages for large and small-scale marina developments. Argiros company can work directly with the client’s architects, engineers, land planners and other consultants and create a conceptual design of the proposed marina. Argiros company complements the two disciplines of design and engineering by focusing on the dynamics of operating and using a marina and related amenities through the customer’s eyes and on site staff. The conceptual design recommendations will focus on slip sizes, access and layouts, dock amenities, shore side amenities, administrative space, maintenance areas and an overall description of the level of service and aesthetics the facility must have in order to meet the needs of the identified market given the restrictions of the site. marine-opci-plan2