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ARGIROS l.t.d.

is a private company established in 2003., for international mediation and services specially oriented at maritime business. Thanks to our educated and specialized personnel, we have successfully finalized many projects at which we are proud of. From operating base in Split, Croatia, we provide a full complement of services for existing vessel owners, mega yacht/yacht owners up to port and marina owners worldwide; also for potential owners needing professional assistance including full analysis and profitability estimation in acquisition of vessel or marina facility,  Argiros provides a complete set of survey:

Vessel management

crewing and operations regulatory compliance services to fleet and individual ship owners on a world-wide basis. With our in-house staff we can provide the periodic survey, vessels manning in accordance to requirements for 5 national registries.

New construction supervisionhome

as owner representatives, insurance and regulatory inspection surveys, crew staffing, provisioning and charter negotiations.

Design and construction supervision

operational staffing for port fixed base installations such as marinas, terminals and logistics facilities.

Worldwide English capable crew

trained in our facilities, including computer simulator training capabilities in addition to the normal classroom and ship based training activities.

For Megayacht / Yacht owners

We are specialized to assist you in organizing anything necessary for your safe voyage. Wether You and your guests are at the sea, marina, port etc., or you are bulding a new yacht- we can assist you regarding all the services that you can check through our links. We will do our best to be your best companion at the sea.

Itinerary planning

for your safe and unforgettable sailing experience, such as Antarctica, Amazon river, North Pole etc., regarding your wishes and vessel capabilities. For expedition itinerary planning see more under EXPEDITION CRUISING.