Aditional services to Yacht owners

Hotel/Yacht personnel

Our management group will provide local liaison with local and regional political authorities, ensure compliance with local and regional ordinances and handle relationships and coordination with local suppliers and contractors. For you, as yacht owner or chartering group, we can provide complete hotel/yacht personnel on time and in the line of your budget.

Aditional services to Yacht owners:

  • Services customized to provide a cost-effective and properly maintained yacht
  • Consulting services that we provide enable our clients to make informed decisions
  • Management for the executive who places great value on limited leisure time
  • Sales from an efficient and supportive professional yacht brokerage
  • Specializing in yacht sales for business professionals and the entertainment industry
  • Ship supply, crew exchange, air-ticket organisation for crew and ships guests and visitors, medical personnel organisation etc.
  • Itinerary planing – see more under EXPEDITION CRUISING & EXPLORING link
  • Shortly- We can provide full service necessary for perfect functioning of the vessel