Owner’s representative service

  • Owner’s representation during vessel new construction, dry-dockings, repairs etc.

  • Owner’s representation during fabrication, commissioning and delivery of vessel’s machinery equipment and structural materials

  • Owner’s representation during Port State, P&I Club and Salvage Association Inspections

  • Crew & Technical Management including logistical support and providing trained crews chartering

  • Handling & storing of ships spares

  • In-house expertise providing an objective and accurate assessment of the condition of any type of the ship.

  • When requested, our surveyors can also provide advice about immediate and future work needs to be done to keep the ship in proper condition.
    Cost and benefit analysis can be provided.

  • Warehousing – both Croatian licensed import and export and worldwide capacities

  • Total ship management on either a full time or interim basis

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Risk management

  • Maritime training courses